Dave Twells - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Played the guitar for 40 years from mid teens, formed first band, Prizm in the 70’s, went through several phases, long and bleached hair, stripey spandex, but always stayed with rock element.

Went through several line up changes before meeting Pat Farmer in the 80’s, changed band name to Asylum, which lead us through our heavy period, being likened to Sabbath and Judas Priest.

  • Influences are Deep Purple, Sabbath, Dio, Whitesnake, Tony Iommi and Richie Blackmore.
  • Rocking as much as ever, never say die.
  • Gear
  • Amp – Marshall TSL100
  • Cab – Marshall 4×12

      • Guitar – Ibanez JEM
Dave T 1


Ben Farmer - Drums & Backing Focals

Born In 88 I’m the baby of the band. At a very young age I was brought in to good real rock music. With my dad always being in a band and bringing home monstrous drum kits, inspired me to pick up the sticks and give it a bash. At the age of 13 I got my first kit for Christmas and joined my first band soon after named One Good Reason, playing gigs in and around Notts and Derby. With a little bit of tuition and nudging in the right direction I became the drummer of oldskool in 2010 and love it, just keep on rockin.

Main influences : Blink182, Iron Maiden, Dio, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake & ACDC.

Gear :

Ddrum punx diablo 5 piece double floor Tom kit 12″ 15″ 16″ toms 14″ pearl masters snare drum 22″ bass drum double pearl eliminator bass pedal pearl drum rack system with hotshot pearl cowbell 14″paiste soundwave hihats 14″ paiste soundwave crash 16″17″18″ paiste rude cymbals 18″ paiste rude china 20″ zildjan ride 5a vic firth hickory sticks.

Ben 2


Gary Murgatroyd - Bass

Gary 1

Born 7/10/1960, originally from Manchester moved to the Derbyshire area in 1986. Day job is Managing Director of Reflex Print based in Burton upon Trent; www.promoteyourband.co.uk is a sub division of the company who specialise in supplying personalised merchandise (low or high volume) to bands.

Being born at the start of the 60’s, grew up listening to parents favourites, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dusty Springfield, Elvis Presley, The Kinks, Roy Orbison etc. Later on in life influences have been Led Zep, U2, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, The Smiths and Punk.

Had an acoustic guitar most of my life, didn’t start playing bass until 2007. A mate wanted to celebrate a significant birthday, so a trio was formed, Bob on lead guitar, John on drums and myself on bass for a one off gig. Joined Old Skool in its conception back in 2010 and have been gigging ever since. It’s never too late to ROCK N’ ROLL.

Guitar: Yamaha RBX A2, Yamaha RBX 374

Amplification: Laney RB9, RB115 and RB410 Cabinets.

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